Behavior change requires time, effort, and resources. To have all of these things requires immense privilege. Our culture and healthcare systems create barriers to impede treatment and neglect care for individuals who are stigmatized due to the size of their bodies. Healing and true rapport are pillars to develop safe and vulnerable relationships with providers. You deserve an environment free of judgment and shame. We are committed to your understanding that what you are struggling with is not your fault. 

At Mend Therapy we serve people of all sizes and shapes, abilities, races, representations, and orientations. You are the expert of yourself. As your provider, we want to be your teammate, helping you create space for yourself to meet your wants and needs of self care.

Our approach is rooted in individualized, size-affirming care with you at the core. The credentials at the end of our names represent our education and training as experts in nutrition and physical therapy. As providers, our priority is to guide you to become the true expert of yourself. This does include rigid rules and unrealistic expectations. You're behind the wheel and we'll be the passenger pilot - there to offer you guidance, not make the decision - at Mend Therapy you determine what health means for you.

 includes you at the center, practicing
through a fat positive, size affirming lens

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