creating space for clients to define what health means to them

nutrition counseling + physical therapy for all bodies

nutrition counseling + physical therapy for all bodies

creating space for clients to define what health means to them

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our PURPOSE is to

provide care for folx in all shapes and sizes, guiding them to heal their relationships with food and their body through nutrition counseling and physical therapy


creating a community that invites all individuals, of every size, gender, color, ethnicity, age, and lived experience to receive ethical care in a safe and inclusive environment. we are committed to creating brave spaces within our services for our clients. we strongly acknowledge our privileges as straight-sized, cis, white providers. your story, lived experience, and vulnerability will be acknowledged and respected in our care.

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- BC 

"Working with Emma has been an absolute gift to my mental and emotional health. Our work together has allowed me to reexamine the negative feelings I've held about my weight and physical appearance, and understand those feelings as the result of navigating a fatphobic society and world that makes very little space for larger bodies, especially those of other marginalized identities."


"Alex has consistently shown top notch technical skill and equally matches this skill with true compassion. She is a fantastic listener and really individualizes her care to the clients needs."


Throughout weekly discussions of who I wanted to be, my relationship with food, and the impacts of social media (specifically on women's unrealistic expectations), I was able to find who I was able to become the person I was always meant to be. She did not only help heal my relationship with food but heal my relationship with myself. She prompted me with questions and ideas that made me take a step back and realize what mattered—my happiness.


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